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How do our strong supplier partnerships benefit customers?

How do our strong supplier partnerships benefit customers?

What a difference a year makes!

With our new website up and running, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the past year and the partnerships we’ve made along the way. Take a look at the new additions to the TelecomsCentre family.



The most recent addition to our portfolio joins us from Sweden! As a unique manufacturer of fibre blowing products, Jetting are consistently creating innovative designs by working closely with the professionals who use them. By reviewing professional solutions, they are able to generate products first-hand that are of custom quality and efficiency.

By starting our journey with them just a few months ago, we have further expanded our product range to better fulfil our customer’s requirements.

 Jetting v3Jetting Triggair



This year, we partnered with Corning to provide you with premium FTTx connectivity products. Corning have solidified their place in the industry, with 170 years of developing their portfolio to suit the high-profile companies they supply.

We supply their Evolv™ and Pushlok™ ranges, enabling us to supply customers with CBTs, Drop Cables and Brackets.



Fixtures & Brackets

Have you seen our line of Fixtures & Brackets? Check it out!

Since the end of 2022, we have been offering a high-quality range of telecoms infrastructure products. With the range including cover caps, bolts and hooks; you can find anything you need for your infrastructure. Even including MOBRAs, all available to order online.




Joining our portfolio in 2022, OFS work closely with us to bring our customers the well-renowned InvisiLight® solutions.

With their portfolio covering Individual Living Units (ILUs), Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), Façade and Drop Solutions; we are well equipped to match a solution to fit your requirements.


Looking for some high quality sub-ducting? Look no further!

Dura-Line stormed into the market in 1981, becoming the first manufacturer or fibre optic sub-ducts and have solidified their place ever since. Supplying many types of sub-ducting, including Multi-Ducting & Micro-Ducting, Dura-Line products will provide your fibre cable with the perfect, structured pathway suitable for external environments.






Longstanding Partners

Although this is a reflection on recent partnerships, we must also acknowledge our other long-standing partners that we have built strong relationships with over the years.

TelecomsCentre Partnership Timeline

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