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OFS InvisiLight® Solutions - An Overview

OFS InvisiLight® Solutions - An Overview

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InvisiLight® from OFS is a total solution allowing discreet installation of fibre, both indoors and outdoors. The solution covers both ILUs (indoor living units) and MDUs (multiple dwelling units), with Facade and Drop solutions also available. In this article, you’ll learn about the different aspects that make up the InvisiLight solution and how quick and easy it is to install. It’s a full solution from the OLT into and around the dwelling.

InvisiLight ILU Solution

This solution enables fast, virtually invisible fibre deployment from the ONT into the dwelling or business. The InvisiLight® ILU Module is deployed close the ONT within the living unit. The nearly invisible ILU cord is then laid along ceilings or baseboards (more on how this is done later).


InvisiLight cable is nearly invisible


Components are plug and play, factory terminated and tested, and the ILU Module contains slack storage reduce space. The EZ-Bend®  2.5mm bend radius fibre means that corners are not a problem, with corner protectors available. The cable is paintable, so can be concealed easily when entering the ILU.

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InvisiLight MDU Solution

The MDU Solution serves as a transition between the MDU cord, and the ILU solution described above. The fibre cord runs along hallways around ceilings, as with the ILU Solution, and enters the living unit via Point-of-Entry (POE) unit mounted above the doorways. This eliminates the need for floor enclosures.



The cord is designed to be almost invisible to the eye, which means that InvisiLight® is much more aesthetically pleasing for building owners and tenants.

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Invisilight Facade Solution

This solution allows the InvisiLight cable to be deployed on the outside of a building, using a lightweight MDU cable. The cable has the option of being pre-terminated on the network-facing end with SC, LC, or MTP connectors. It is available in white or black, so that it can blend in with the building exterior. The award-winning EZ-Bend® Optical Fibre in the cable is rugged enough to be stapled or bent around sharp corners.



The SlimBox® enclosure comes in 2- and 4-Fibre choices and are an external demarcation closure, with dual-functionality as either a splicer or connector housing.

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Invisilight Drop Solution

The drop solution encompasses an almost invisible way to extend OFS EZ-Bend® drop cable into the building by converting it into InvisiLight®. This fast and easy method eliminates the need for transition boxes and increases customer acceptance. This is the connection from the OLT to the ONT on or within the dwelling or MDU.



The EZ-Bend® cable contains the same 900um fibre used in the InvisiLight® solution, with a 2.5mm bend radius. It is available as a reel-in-a-box, or pre-terminated with SC-APC connectors. The cable enters the dwelling via a discreet hole.

The SlimBox® wall plate is applied inside the house or business. The compact unit holds up to two internal optical adaptors and is well suited for flexible deployment: there are two access ports on the top, two on the bottom, and three on the back. A hidden front screw allows for fast attachment or removal of the cover.

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Installing InvisiLight® Cable

InvisiLight Adhesive

InvisiLight® cable is easy to install, as OFS produce a specialised installation tool for deploying the adhesive. The adhesive itself is water-soluble and safe, and will adhere to many common surfaces. Although the adhesive is fast drying, repositioning is possibly during installation. It then dries clear, which helps the cable to blend into the background and become almost invisible.


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