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Fibre Optic

An Introduction to Dura-Line

Dura-Line are Networks Centre’s premier supplier of duct and sub-duct for our Telecoms division. We work closely with them to provide our customers with solutions to their ducting requirements. 


As a leading global manufacturer of critical conduit infrastructure for digital networks, the Dura-Line range covers ducts, MicroDucts, and accessories.   
Dura-Line were a pioneer in MicroTechnology and the first manufacturer of fibre optic subducts in 1981 making connections possible across telecom, CATV, wireless, and enterprise networks for more than 50 years. 


Providing a pathway for fibre cables, ducts and sub-ducts protects cables from external abrasion and impact. Dura-Line DuraMicro sub-ducts range from 5-20mm outer diameter, with the option of using DuraMulti which is an oversheath for two or more MicroDucts. 

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Dura-Line has a strong global footprint including twenty plants, three Research & Development Centres, and five Testing Facilities where they conduct product, tooling, and additives testing. Dura-Line’s MicroTechnology products are designed for a 25+ year operational lifetime.


Duraline Quality Focus

Dura-Line is committed to quality. In Europe, the company has been successfully recertified according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO (OHSAS) 18001. Dura-Line’s products and plants are also externally certified by various leading independent European institutes, such as SKZ, VDE, and the CSI laboratory. They are the only European MicroDuct manufacturer to hold SKZ certification and the Low Smoke Halogen Free product range offers a best-in-class B-s1, d0 fire rating – the only Category B offering on the European market.


Dura-Line Customer Partnerships

Dura-Line is a reliable partner to its customers, providing technical support from the concept and design stages, through construction and operation. A team of experienced Solution Architects provides engineering support to customers in the field, wherever they are in Europe.


Dura-Line Advanced Product Portfolio

Dura-Line’s advanced range of ducts, MicroDucts, and accessories provide solutions for various applications and installation techniques, such as underground, aerial, and in-house environments. The MicroDucts and bundles are UV-stabilized for short or long term and also available with SILICORE®, a permanently-lubricated inner lining with a <0.1 coefficient of friction for maximum cable jetting length. All the conduits and MicroDucts can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours, with stripes and custom print streams available for ease of identification. Fire-retardant and antirodent varieties are also available.


Dura-Line Solution-Led Approach

Dura-Line is a global leader in MicroTechnology – with solutions like MicroDucts and FuturePath – that empower operators to create future-ready, multi-use networks to support whatever comes next. The company helps customers tap into existing infrastructure, using techniques like OverRides to minimize labour and material requirements – resulting in reutilization of assets, reduced installation costs, and faster time to market.


Dura-Line Responsible Manufacturing

Dura-Line has pledged support to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. All the plants are working toward a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill goal. Other examples of responsible manufacturing include closed loop water systems, the use of renewable energy, material regrind programs, and the reel return program.



With innovative product solutions, unparalleled customer insight, strong production capabilities and high-quality standards, Dura-Line is perfectly poised to support fibre deployments across the United Kingdom.

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