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Connected Britain 2023

Discover the Power of Innovation with Telecoms Centre.

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We take pride in offering an extensive range of premium solutions for all needs. If you’ve not spoken to us already about how we can support you on your next project, what are you waiting for?

Here’s some of the leading solution providers we stock:-

Whether you require seamless and discreet installations with OFS InvisiLight or robust and durable infrastructure with Dura-Line, we have you covered.


Want to learn more? Take a deeper look into our brands, all available at Telecoms Centre!

Chemtronics  - Tailored, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for improved efficiency and safety.

Chemtronics stands out as a cleaning solution; Backed by industry engineers and experts.

Tailored Cleaning Expertise: Chemtronics provides industry-specific cleaning solutions that precisely address unique challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Environmentally Responsible: The company's commitment to eco-friendly formulations aligns with sustainability goals, minimising environmental impact.

Efficiency Boost: Chemtronics' cleaning solutions streamline maintenance processes, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.

Safety Focus: With a strong emphasis on safe formulations, Chemtronics eliminates concerns about hazardous chemical exposure during cleaning activities.

Proven Effectiveness: Drawing on extensive experience, Chemtronics consistently delivers reliable and effective cleaning solutions.

Discover the range available online.



Corning presents a compelling solution for diverse industries.

Corning's pioneering glass technology combines innovation, reliability, and sustainability for diverse applications. Considering Corning means opting for quality, innovation, and sustainable progress.

Seamless Integration: Corning's versatile solutions seamlessly integrate into various industries, alleviating compatibility concerns.

Enhanced Durability: With Corning's renowned glass technology, products gain heightened durability, mitigating concerns over fragility.

Customised Approach: Corning collaborates closely to tailor solutions, addressing weaknesses and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Eco-Friendly Impact: The company's commitment to sustainability minimises environmental concerns, aligning with conscientious business practices.

Proven Reliability: With a rich history of dependable performance, Corning mitigates uncertainties, offering solutions that consistently deliver results.

Take a look at the Evolv™ and Pushlok™ technology.



EXFO provides precise testing solutions for industry-specific excellence.

Consider EXFO as a compelling solution for your network testing needs.

Cutting-edge Testing Technology: EXFO provides advanced testing solutions for precise and dependable results.

Efficiency Enhancement: Their solutions streamline testing, saving time and maintaining quality.

Industry Insight: With extensive experience, EXFO tailors solutions to specific sector needs.

Continuous Innovation: EXFO pioneers technologies to meet evolving industry demands.

Proven Performance: Backed by a successful track record, EXFO consistently delivers reliable solutions.

Interested? Find out more about their product range.



Jetting’s efficient cable installation solution: save time and minimise disruption.

Jetting emerges as an efficient, adaptable, and forward-looking solution, ideal for optimising cabling projects while minimising disruption and costs.

Improved Efficiency: Jetting expedites cable installation, reducing project timelines and associated costs significantly.

Minimised Disruption: This technique minimises disruptions to existing infrastructure, making it suitable for urban and congested areas.

Versatile Application: Jetting accommodates various cable types, including fibre optics, in different terrains and environments.

Cost-Effective: By streamlining installation and minimising civil work, Jetting offers cost-effective solutions for network expansion and upgrades.

Future-Ready: Embracing Jetting prepares networks for evolving technology demands, ensuring long-term efficiency and performance.

Take a dive into the Jetting range.



Jonard Tools: Designed and engineered speciality, patented products tailored to industry needs.

With engineers at the forefront of their mind, Jonard Tools develop their equipment with the best interest and efficiency of their customers at heart.

Designed For You: Jonard work closely with engineers to design tools specifically suited to on-the-job requirements. Where engineers have found themselves coming across issues on site, Jonard will innovate equipment to solve those problems.

Peace Of Mind: Offering a unique Made For Life®, Guaranteed For Life warranty on almost every product they make; Jonard ensure that your tools are set up for life.

With one of the largest online Jonard ranges, see what products are available to purchase online now!



LastMile Fibre: The compressor your fibre blowing equipment needs.

LastMile Fibre have developed a range of compressors, specifically for fibre blowing and are specialists in the FTTx field.

Specifically Designed: Compressors used for fibre blowing come in many different types and sizes. The drawback of many products on the market, unlike LastMile, is they are not designed for fibre blowing, only adapted.  Specifically, the air must be clean and dry, so these compressors do not use oil lubrication (oilless)  and provide a smooth undulating flow of air from the V-Twin power unit which is critical for unhindered population of fibre ducts.

Introducing, Electric: The range of compressors starts with single man portable petrol and electric (230v or 110v) models providing 10 bar of blowing pressure. New to the range is the Ecoflow portable battery pack that supplies 2 or 2.4Kw AC to power the electric compressor. This is highly suited to blowing from the premises to the roadside which is increasingly popular.

Industry Compatible: LastMile Compressors are a perfect companion to the Jetting range of blowing machines such as the Jetting Triggair which Networks Centre also supply.

Meeting Specifications: The range of compressors was created to meet BT Openreach specifications as LastMile founder, Neil Gilbert, previously worked as a chief engineer at the company. Need to ensure your products comply with certain standards? Rest assured all LastMile products have been tested and approved.

Take a look at the compressor range.



OFS InvisiLight™ combines elegance and performance through Seamless, hidden connectivity.

InvisiLight™ blends discreetly for seamless aesthetics, delivering reliable high-speed data connectivity, catering to diverse spaces with future adaptability.

Discreet Installation: InvisiLight™ integrates covertly, blending with surroundings.

Aesthetic Appeal: Preserves visual aesthetics while ensuring connectivity.

Versatile Use: Ideal for diverse spaces, catering to various needs.

Reliable Speed: Maintains high-performance data transmission.

Future-Ready: Anticipates and adapts to upcoming technological demands.

Revolutionise Space with OFS InvisiLight™, where hidden connectivity meets elegance and functionality.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the InvisiLight range.



Meeting STL’s world-renowned reputation with their industry leading fibre network solutions.

Integrating digital networks and providing all-in 5G solutions, STL’s global presence and cable manufacturing facilities put them at the top of their game.

Bespoke Projects: Got a unique project? We work closely with STL to deliver projects successfully, from holding thousands of kilometers of cable for a customer to developing environmental packaging for productivity and sustainability.

Fast Rollout: Utilising our combined warehouse space of 90,000sqft, we can supply STL cable quickly meaning your rollouts can be deployed with no delays.

Making Life Easy: STL can support FTTx products from the full end-to-end with high-quality glass preforms, optical fibre, optical fibre cables, optical interconnect kits, and speciality cables. Isn’t it much easier when you can get everything from one place?

Harnessing Technology: Working to create a world with next-generation connected experiences, STL’s innovation is transforming everyday living.

Discover all about the STL range.



Splicing made easy with Sumitomo’s comprehensive range of splice equipment and accessories.

By supporting FTTx engineers with renowned equipment, Sumitomo provide the backbone behind any fibre installation.

Ease of use: Make your job easier on-site with SumiCloud™; Access your data straight from your phone!

Be Supported: Need technical help on-site? Sumitomo splicer interfaces include technical support for on-the-go support, wherever you are.

Trusted By Engineers: When looking to invest in new equipment, it’s always reassuring when your best option is rated highly in the industry. With Sumitomo, you can rest assured that your equipment is trusted by engineers.

Don’t miss out! Join the hype and see which Splicer you need for your next project.



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