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Pole & Pit Management: How to ensure you have the best overhead and underground cable management.

Pole & Pit Management: How to ensure you have the best overhead and underground cable management.

Need an easy, effective cable management solution? Look no further!

Discover what we recommend for your cable management, both overhead and underground! 


Why is cable management important?

  • Future Proofing: Create an installation that’s easy for maintenance and servicing.
  • Increasing Job Acceptance: Eliminate messy and inefficient projects by implementing great cable management that is much more likely to be approved by customers.
  • Efficiency & Aesthetics: Your projects represent your company, so why not further improve your industry cred by ensuring they’re installed easily and appeal to the eye?
  • Meeting Standards: Tick all the boxes even for customers with the strictest criteria, with a tidy and professional installation.
  • Certifications: Give your projects the certified stamp of approval with our BT approved MOBRAs.


The underground solution: MOBRAs

You can rest assured that your cable chamber is secured, as MOBRAs are built from galvanised steel. Ensuring corrosive substances can’t reach the underlying steel, the framework will keep its structural integrity; Once installed, this framework isn’t going anywhere!

Our MOBRA range is suitable for use in underground chambers with chamber frames, mounting arms and mounting brackets available to order online.

Designed with engineers and installers in mind, products like the mounting arm are built for ease of use. To ensure the arm is of optimum efficiency, they are easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Need to ensure your project is certified? Our MOBRAs are BT approved, so you can rest assured that your solution meets standards.


The overhead solution: Fixtures & Brackets

With a full Fixtures & Brackets portfolio ranging from Connector Bends, Bolts, Pole Steps, Pins and more; there’s no limit to supporting even the more unique cable management projects. Having a vast selection of telegraph pole management products assists customers with their solutions and expands opportunities to more complex work.

Like MOBRAs, our Fixtures & Brackets are built with galvanised steel. With these products being more external, it’s vital that they can withstand harsh environments to extend the lifetime of the installation. Why not invest in high quality products and ensure your customers are even happier with long-lasting, reliable rollouts.

With installers’ efficiency in mind, some of the range come pre-drilled or are built to require no additional bracket fixing, ensuring optimum performance on site.   


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