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OFS: The Forefront of Optical Communications Technology

OFS: The Forefront of Optical Communications Technology



For your next project, put your trust in a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fibre, optical fibre cable, connectivity, FTTX and specialty photonics solutions.


What is InvisiLight®?

By bringing the InvisiLight range to the market in 2012, OFS revolutionised the deployment of discreet and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes.


Since setting the standard based on hundreds of thousands of indoor and outdoor installations globally, the InvisiLight Optical Solution has evolved to a complete plug-and-play portfolio; Including ILUs (indoor living units), MDUs (multiple dwelling units), Facade and Drop solutions.



  • Multiple access points – cable access from the top of the module
  • Multi-position adapter support allows for 3 different positions
  • Discreet plastic body for high mechanical resistance & easy to secure and install with internal fibre guide 

OFS InvisiLight ILU E-Z Connect Module Kit 40m

  • Easy & discreet installation – preferred by building owners and tenants
  • Factory terminated and tested - pre-connectorised both ends with SCA connectors
  • EZ-Bend 2.5mm bend radius


    • IP55 Protection for both pole and wall installation
    • Available with SC, SCA, SCU, LCA or LCU adaptors with or without pigtails
    • Supports termination, splicing and storage functions




    • Virtually invisible – EZ-Bend navigates tight corners
    • Fast and easy to install – lower install cost per door passed vs moulding or conduit systems or cut and patch
    • CPR rating Cca-s2, d0, a3

    OFS InvisiLight MDU Pre-Connectorised Multi-Fibre Cord

    • Virtually invisible – preferred by building owners and tenants
    • Uses award-winning EZ-Bend Optical Fibre
    • Fast and easy to install

    OFS InvisiLight EZ-Bend Indoor Jumpers

    • LSZH fire rated
    • Staple-friendly – ruggedised cords designed to allow common stapling methods
    • MDU & in-home optimised – ideal for in-residence wiring

    OFS InvisiLight 4.8mm EZ-Peel Black Indoor/Outdoor Drop Cable

    • Faster installation
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Outer jacket can be easily peeled away with a ripcord
    • CPR rated
    • 0mm rugged cordage with 4.8mm UV stable outer jacket




    Why choose OFS?

    • Easy to install – Save time with installations and therefore money on labour costs
    • Aesthetically pleasing – Discreet solution is perfect for indoor solutions including homes and offices
    • Eliminate stress around complex installations – With EZ-bend fibre allowing bend as tight as a 2.5mm radius, OFS products are built for any situation
    • Quick turnaround – Get quick delivery from our vast stock


    If you want the best-looking, near-invisible solution for FTTh: Make the most of the OFS InvisiLight solution. 


    Available from TelecomsCentre now!

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