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Success Story: New Packaging Developed for Fibre Splitter Cables to Keep Secure and Prevent Tangling Damage

Success Story: New Packaging Developed for Fibre Splitter Cables to Keep Secure and Prevent Tangling Damage

Location: North-East England
Product: Bespoke Splitter Packaging


The company is an internet service provider that delivers high-speed broadband solutions to businesses in rural and hard-to-reach areas. They are based in the North East of England and support businesses throughout the region.



The company were using products called splitters, which are designed to split fibre cables so that the data from the source can be sent to two or more separate outputs.

The challenge they were having was that many of the splitters were arriving damaged, which was leading to significant losses to their network. Up to 32 splitters were arriving in one packet and they were becoming tangled and damaged. Splitters are extremely fragile and require protective packaging to keep them secure during transit.


We looked at the packaging that the splitters were currently arriving in and spoke to our manufacturers to see how it could be improved. We came up with a design similar to the inside of a cassette player. The new packaging has two circles on either side and the splitter cable is looped around it to keep it secure and prevent it from becoming tangled.

The new packaging is also clear so the company can now see whether there are any issues with the splitter cables before they open the packets.


The customer is extremely happy with the new design of the packaging. They can now unravel the splitter cables easily without them becoming tangled. The loop design prevents kinks from forming in the splitter cable and the clear design means they can see if there are any faults with the cabling straight away.


Q. Do you use this packaging design for all splitters?

A. Following the success of this project, we decided to deliver all our splitters in this new packaging. This means any company that buys splitters from us in the future will receive this packaging.

Q. Are you working with multiple manufacturers or just one?

A. We can use other manufacturers but we have one core partner that we have been working with for many years and have a very good relationship with.

Q. How many splitters come in a pack?

A. The splitters come individually packed but they can be stacked on top of each other in the cassette shaped packets without any issues. This is more economical as we can deliver multiple splitters in one packet and delivery.

This particular customer orders between 100 and 300 splitters a month, but we have another customer who is purchasing thousands every month, so effective packaging is crucial.

Q. What are the cost implications of a project like this?

A. The cost of this project was low and there was no uplift in cost as the manufacturer charged the same price for the new packaging.

Jack Hawley: Senior Account Manager – Telecoms

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