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STL SM (G.657A1 [200um]) 96-576F Micro-LITE Multitube Single Jacket OFC - 2Km

SKU 9-96-MLT-ML-BK-STL-G657A1-200UM
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£3,600.00 - £17,120.00
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Number of Fibres: 96
Fibre Type: G657A1
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Product Details
This cable is a stranded micro loose tube cable with optical fibre placed inside robust buffer tubes stranded around a fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) central strength member.

In addition to optical fibres, the buffer tubes contain water blocking gel and the cable core is surrounded with water-swellable tape to prevent water ingress in the interstices of cable core. The cable core is surrounded with thermoplastic sheath or Polyamide jacket making the cable robust and installation friendly.
Available in 250um fibre (see other listing) or Next Gen 200um fibre  for even smaller cable diameter. 

Product Application
STL Multitube Single Jacket Fibre Optic Cables are typically used in micro duct installation applications. Microcable can be utilized in existing and new duct systems more effectively by accommodating more fibres in given subduct network. It can also be deployed in aerial drop installation applications. These cables are typically used for Access / Metro and (air blown) Drop cabling for FTTx networks, like Fibre to the Home (FTTH). 

Features & Benefits
• Available up to 576 fibre count
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Spec Sheet Sterlite Tech SM (G657A1 [200um]) Next Gen Micro-LITE Multitube Single Jacket Optical Fibre Cable View

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