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Services from Telecoms Centre

How can Telecoms Centre assist you?


Our dedicated team of Account Managers are available to receive orders at any time of day, with office hours from 9am until 5:30pm. Located close to Gatwick Airport, our warehouse and logistics operations are critical to our success. Reliability of our delivery service is as important as the reliability of the customer’s network.

Stock and Inventory Management

There is no point having a lot of stock if it's the wrong product! Telecoms Centre regularly meets with our customers to review requirements and provide a clear commitment to hold stock that is dedicated to a specific customer. Through integrated Inventory, Sales and Purchasing systems, Telecoms Centre are able to set predefined stock levels to trigger an order. The trust relationship with our customers is all-important so that we can place large orders ahead of projects to ensure a next day service is assured.

Premium Solutions

Fibre networks are at the cutting edge of technology; therefore they demand only the best quality and performance products. Telecoms Centre has longstanding manufacturer relationships with some of the global premier names for infrastructure.

Technical Knowledge

Our customers know that should they have a technical problem, they can rely on Telecoms Centre to help out. We have a strong technical team who understand the challenges and are not averse to attending the customer’s premises if required to offer technical help. We run our own dedicated training centre and have been appointed by BICSI as the only trainer for their prestigious design training course. We also run a number of manufacturer-specific courses.

Ready Deploy

There is an increasing trend towards off-site build and assembly. It can be as simple as cut to length fibre optic cable: Telecoms Centre holds the largest stock of Fibre optic data cables in the UK. These are typically supplied on 2km drums so it is important that customers only pays for what they use. No charge is made for cutting. Telecoms Centre offers other options, including pre-terminated fibre optic cable harnesses. We also pre-build patch panels and can consolidate shipments and pre-build racks which avoids both time on site and packaging removal.